Borobudur Sunrise tour via Punthuk Setumbu is the best choice at a low cost to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise around the Borobudur area. This tour will take visitors to a small hill about 4 kilometers to the west direction of Borobudur... Read More

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan is a unique combination of Java traditional music, drama, and dance performance. It is a colosal performance played by hundreds of dancers and music player. This Ballet is an artistic visualization of the epic... Read More

Bali is a paradise for travellers. It is the Island of Gods with various kind of landscapes, people, culture and food that creates a unique destination. From the amazing rice terraces in the centre of Bali to the white sand beaches in the... Read More

Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard in the world. This dragon-like creature can only be found on the eastern part of Indonesian Islands. The dragons are very rare and the habitat is only in the Komodo National Park (Komodo, Rinca, Gili... Read More

Witnessing the famousblue fire of Ijen Crateris one of the dream for many travelers. The blue fire is a natural fire caused by very high temperature sulfuric gas that emerges from the fumarole. This phenomena can only be found in Ijen... Read More

Java and Bali posses more than 600 bird species. Almost every house in Java will have caged bird hanging under the roof of the house terrace. People keep the birds in cages because of the physical color beauty and song. Keeping bird in the... Read More

This video was made on a special time during our Bromo Ijen Bali Tour. It was really extraordinary day. The Blue Fire from the sulfur dome reached the lake shores, and almost get to the lake. As we observe what really happened, we found... Read More

Raung Volcano is located on East Java, nearby the Ijen Crater. This volcano is part of the active volcanoes inside the Ijen Caldera. Started from June 2015, Raung spewed ash plumes. This volcanic ashes flew to the east, caused the closing... Read More

One of the greatest volcanic eruption that has been recorded in history happened on August 27, 1883. The historical volcanic catastrophe happened on a small uninhabited island called Krakatoa. The sound of biggest eruption could be heard... Read More

Ijen Crateris the biggest sulfur producer in Indonesia. There are hundreds of workers mining the sulfur manually. Normally, some of the miners start to collect the sulfur from the crater on the early morning. In average a worker will carry... Read More

It is just an ordinary sea shore located on the far east of Indonesia, the East Timor. But, it has many things to offer. Its beauty is still hidden among the reviewers, printed or online. Or sometimes, the travelers found it ordinary... Read More

Bajo Tribe is well-known as the conqueror of the ocean. Originally from Sulawesi, Bajo people spread to many island in Indonesia. The word Bajo means rowing a boat. The meaning is closely related to the daily activity of the people, they... Read More

Pura Tanah Lot is another amazing place in Bali which will give you an unforgettable holiday memory. This temple is one of the big holy temple for Balinese people. The Tanah Lot Temple is the main temple to worship the Batara Segara the... Read More

Sukamadeis a village located on the middle of a national park, Meru Betiri National Park on the southern part of East Java. To get here will need a bit of adventure. It will need 4 wheel drive car or at least a good SUV car. Dense rain... Read More

These are unique ancients reliefs date back from the 8th to 9th century. Each relief tell you story. It is called the Jataka Tales.The Jātaka tales are groupof literature originally coming fromIndia related tothe previous births of the... Read More

Telaga Bodas is an active volcanic crater located on the south part of small city Garut. The location is on the mountain area, around 1500 meters above the sea level. Telaga means Lake and Bodas means white, it is a real white lake. There... Read More

Semeruis the main destination for every Indonesian climber in Java. Young Indonesian climbers will be very proud to reach the top of Semeru. The summit is the top of Java.The highest point is 3676 meters above the sea level. Semeru is... Read More

33 years ago, on 1983, Java experienced total Solar Eclipse. On March 9, 2016, again the Eclipse line passed through Indonesia. Java only get about 85% or partial Solar Eclipse. The best spots were on the Moluccas Island. But, Jogjakarta... Read More

The Anak Krakatau, Indonesia most spectacular volcanoe just recently raising its volcanic activity after almost 6-year sleeping. organize a Special Krakatoa Eruption Volcano and Photo tour. Please contact us at the... Read More

This is a special spot inside Ijen Caldera which is still hidden. It is not as popular as Ijen Crater, but its unique landscape surely will amaze you. Kawah mean crater and Wurung mean cancel, so kawah wurung literary mean The Canceled... Read More

Kawah Ijen is one of the most visited volcano in the world. It is an active volcano which produces tons of sulfur everyday. The landscape of this volcano is very beautiful. Natural phenomena such green turquoise colored lake, andthe blue... Read More

Papandayan Volcano is located on the southern part of West Java. It is is very easy to get to the crater spot, just need around 30 minutes walking from the parking area. The shape of the crater is a uniqueHorse Shoeshape caused by the... Read More

It was built at the dusk of the biggest Hindus kingdom in Indonesia. The era of a hegemony transition between Hinduism and Muslim religion in Java. The structure of the temple is deviated from the main pattern. Reliefs and statues are... Read More