Kawah Wurung, The Hidden Paradise Inside Ijen Caldera

Kawah Wurung, The Hidden Paradise Inside Ijen Caldera

This is a special spot inside Ijen Caldera which is still hidden. It is not as popular as Ijen Crater, but its unique landscape surely will amaze you. "Kawah" mean crater and "Wurung" mean cancel, so kawah wurung literary mean "The Canceled Crater". Actually, Kawah Wurung was a real active volcanic crater. The area of Kawah Wurung consist of several extinct volcanic cones. This complex of small craters located on the flank between Raung Volcano and Ijen Crater. 

Kawah Wurung Ijen


Wurung Crater

On the way down from Ijen Crater to the parking areas, we can see this complex of small volcanic craters like a group of volcanic cones covered with greenish-brown prairie. From the top rim of Kawah Wurung, we can see the complete view of 16 km diameter of Ijen Caldera. Trekking around the crater is a nice activity to do. Best time to visit this crater is on the early morning, when the sky is still blue.   


Most travel agents will direct the client directly to Ijen Crater. So if you want to visit this beautiful place, you have to arrange the tour to include Kawah Wurung as your stopping point. Contact Us, Javaecotravel.com, to get the best tour to explore Ijen Caldera.



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