Krakatoa Tour Expedition

Krakatoa Tour Expedition

One of the greatest volcanic eruption that has been recorded in history happened on August 27, 1883. The historical volcanic catastrophe happened on a small uninhabited island called Krakatoa. The sound of biggest eruption could be heard up to 5000 kilometers away. The volcano also flew away cloud of ashes and pumices 90 kilometers up into the atmosphere. Krakatoa 1883 eruptions was also produced pyroclastic flows that ran through the ocean and tsunami killing more than 35000 people.

Today, The old Krakatoa is re-born as "the Anak Krakatau Volcano" or the child of the Krakatoa. It is an active volcano with strombolian activity. But since the last lava flow activity on 2012, Anak Krakatau is very quiet, there are only fumarol activity on the creater. 

Check our tour itinerary to visit The Krakatoa Volcanic Island: 

Sail to Krakatoa Volcano and visit the Papandayan on West Java


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