Papandayan Volcano, West Java

Papandayan Volcano, West Java

Papandayan Volcano is located on the southern part of West Java. It is is very easy to get to the crater spot, just need around 30 minutes walking from the parking area. The shape of the crater is a unique Horse Shoe shape caused by the vertical eruption on 1772. Papandayan crater offers you beautiful volcanic activities such as hot steams, fumarols, hot mud pools, noisy crater, sulfurs spike and crystals, and death trees burned by the recent eruption on 2002. For photography tours, Papandayan volcano will give you a bunch of colorful volcanic activity images. 





Papandayan West Java


Sulfur Spike


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papandayan lava-dome


sulfur crystal

The tour to Papandayan volcano can be combined with Jakarta city tours, or visiting Mount Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung. Contact us to get the best tour program to visit Papandayan.   


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